Monday, October 15, 2007

Digital Cake Series

Here's the first 4 of my designs! I used Fireworks to create them. It was a very busy weekend coming up with these yummy fantasy cakes! Very fun and relaxing too. I would like to somehow paint these on canvas ~ not sure how to arrange them but it's an idea : )


drewzel said...

Gigi these are so gorgeous! You definitely have a talent for digital art!!!

Gigi Minor said...

Steph you are so sweet! Thanks so much I love creating on the computer! It satisfies my sweet tooth! I think because on a monitor the colors are so vivid and the lines are so clean! It's like you can sink your teeth into it without feeling the guilt!

Prezzie said...

Hey, i just tag you in my blog

Here's the rules:

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Gigi Minor said...

Hello Prezzie thanks for stopping by! I will play tag for this blog really soon! Thanks!

Barbara said...

Well said.