Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where the Magic Happens

Another Pix of My Studio
Originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red
I haven't posted in so long and decided to show a photo of where I work on all my projects. There's a lot going on in here as you can see. But I try to keep it organized and always end up on the floor some how!


Anonymous said...
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marina said...

I love the decoration of your studio,this photo will be my inspiration to transform my crfat room, that is a little bit boring.

Tina C said...


Thanks for the note - is your husband a leo? - watch out I absolutely love your little cupcakes and sweets. Are those made from fimo clay or ceramic? Gosh such attention to detail.Gorgeous. Do you sell on etsy - would love to check out more of your stuff. Keep up the good work.


Gigi Minor said...

Thanks Tina!
I'm heading to your blog right now
: )

Lulu Bean said...

hiya...Love your header...wondered if I could put it in my book?

Do let me know

Love Lulu